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Special thanks to John Lim
the man who take me come into the real gaming world and always take care to me
without you ,our community can’t grow up so fast .

Special thanks to Mineski Team
Thanks for always give me change to learn a lot thing from LAN tournament
and always like to help me when I’m doing something fool .

Special thanks to
Kwang Yih
Tack Hock Wai
Nicholas Soo
Chin Yoon Khen
Yong Chun Haw
Leong Chun Teng
Lornjhinn Wee
Chua Keh Yeap
Yong Min Wai
Ming En Toh
thanks for your donation to help us build up this website ,
we will try our best to make you all proud .

Special thanks to
all of our fans and friends
without you all we are nothing .


Thanks You Dota !

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